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We are the first Romanian company to provide automatic massage chairs with bill acceptor in retail and shopping centers. We have been active on the market since 2008. Our headquarters is in Bucharest and we run subsidiaries in most of the large cities in Romania, providing automatic massage services to more than a million clients annually.


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ROYAL BALANCE is the most efficient way to relieve the stress of everyday life while reestablishing a good level of energy and balance.
ROYAL BALANCE first started out on the Romanian market in 2008. Our main activity is installing automatic massage services in shopping centers and renting out automatic massage chairs with bill acceptor. These chairs combine advanced technologies with high-end design whichmakes them suitable for all kinds of spaces, ranging from traditional to very modern.


Created seven decades ago in Japan, these chairs were designed to add value to dieting and sports, for a healthier and happier life. Nowadays, such chairs are available in many shopping centers worldwide and
more than 20% of the Japanese households own one at home.

Our brand provides top notch automatic massage services created with the help of a
revolutionary technology combined with innovative design. Whether you are
home, at work, or out shopping, the automatic massage chairs are the
fastest and most efficient way to beat stress and anxiety and regain

We pursue client satisfaction and are always looking to provide the best
possible services and the newest automatic chairs incorporating
revolutionary technologies.